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Did Espn And Directv Reach Agreement

While neither company has made a formal announcement (since it`s barely 4 a.m. on a Sunday), we can report that Disney appears to have taken the foot out of AT&T`s throat and no longer warns customers about the AT&T transportation feud. This is a pretty clear sign that a deal has been reached or will be reached shortly, as much of Disney`s bargaining power depends on the company`s public pressure on AT&T. This message was clearly addressed to football fans who seemed to be on the verge of revolt when ESPN (and other Disney-specific channels) fell into the dark. Disney wouldn`t say when their deal with AT&T expires, but it will likely be at the end of the month. Disney last struck a carriage deal with DirecTV in December 2014 for a deal that initially expired on September 30 of that year. Does this mean that ESPN and Disney channels are being pulled (which includes ABC in many markets)? A long-term agreement is often reached directly towards the end of an existing contract, and in many cases, when both parties approach, short-term extensions are obtained, so customers are not affected, while details are disclosed. It`s actually like the debt ceiling in Congress, where there`s a lot of screaming, and it ends up being raised without disturbing the government. Walt Disney Co. has reached an agreement in principle on a new broadcasting agreement and a transport contract with AT&T that would make networks such as ABC, ESPN and Disney Channel shine in homes with DirecTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now. ESPN`s contract with AT&T`s own distributors expires in late September and is not expected to be found until then. The warning, which was only visible in DIRECTV homes, indicated that subscribers to the ESPN satellite TV service could soon lose, unless AT&T signed a new transportation contract with Disney.

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