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Company Formation Agreement

3.5 Legal Proceedings. No nielsen services or information may be used in connection with legal or administrative proceedings. Where such use is required by legal process, the client (i) must provide an attestation signed by the president of the company and the company`s principal financial agent attesting that the unaudited consolidated financial statements reflect all adjustments necessary to fairly present the financial position, results and cash flows, in the case of financial statements covering one month, either for one of the first three quarters of operation of each year, or for each full financial year, for which neither member requests the audited accounts in accordance with clause (ii) below; and 5.8. Integration. This Agreement represents the entire agreement entered into by the parties with respect to the subject matter incorporated therein and supersedes and supersedes and supersedes all prior negotiations, agreements or commitments with respect to them, including, but not limited to, under a prior agreement entered into between Digimarc and Nielsen on November 27, 2007 with an effective date of October 1. 2007 (the „Previous Agreement”) (including all payment obligations of Nielsen that are created after the effective date). Subject to Section 12.15, each Party agrees to keep confidential all provisions of this Agreement that do not need to be publicly disclosed and to treat the other Party`s confidential information in accordance with that Party`s policies and practices for the management of its own confidential information and, in any event, at a level of due diligence. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any party may provide a copy of this Agreement to a third party that is contemplating in good faith a transaction in good faith within the meaning of points 8.04 or 12.11, provided that such third party agrees in writing to be bound by a customary confidentiality agreement for such transactions and prohibits the use of its knowledge of that agreement or its provisions for competitive purposes. If the entire contract is terminated, the obligations set out in this section are extended for a period of five (5) years from that date of termination. „interests” means the participation of a member in the society at any given time, including that member`s right to all benefits that a member is entitled to under this Agreement, as well as that member`s obligations to comply with all the terms and provisions of this agreement.

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