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Collective Agreement Okanagan College

A collective agreement is a contract negotiated between the employer and the union that sets wages and working conditions for all workers covered by the agreement. Your agreement provides for a complaints procedure in case the employer is unable to comply with the terms of the agreement. FÖD staff and local elected officials successfully defend the integrity of collective agreements every day. Local stewards handle most complaints in the initial phase. If the problems cannot be solved in the initial phase, the FÖD staff representatives collaborate with the natives, up to arbitration if necessary. FPSE regularly provides labour relations training for local members and the Contract Administration Review Committee (CARC) regularly brings together business leaders to coordinate and learn how best to protect the rights of collective agreements. · Campaigns for social justice and equitable access · Lobbying government officials · College Lobbying Administrators · Support for calls for grades and academic & non-academic challenges · Promote the campus community · Promoting stress reduction and mental health on campus · Information on campaigns and important concerns · Student Skills · Free food · Free provisions like textbooks, water bottles and pens · Safer sex accessories, menstrual hygiene products and hand sanitizers · Advanced Health and Dental Care for Eligible Students · Local Student Discounts & BC · Grant services such as OCSU Legal Aid are the member organization of more than 7,000 students at Okanagan College on the Kelowna, Penticton and Salmon Arm campuses. We offer students interest representation, services, campaigns and events throughout the year. We work hard to ensure that students` voices are heard and strive to best support students while achieving their educational goals. The Okanagan College Students` Union works under three specific mandates.

Our goal is to ensure that post-secondary education is of high quality and publicly funded, and we hold education decision-makers and interest groups accountable to students. OCSU strives to achieve these goals by providing Okanagan College students with representation of interests, services and events. For more information on how residents can access FPSE services, see the Policy and Procedure Manual. It describes FPSE`s procedures for access to contract management services and the policy for providing legal services to residents. . . .

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