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Sales Representative Agreement In Italiano

In 1999, prior to the conclusion of the sales contract in 2000, Narvik had also suffered losses on the sale of concession power. What are the rules for international agency agreements? CBAs: If the agreement is governed by Italian law, CBAs are valid, while those with contractual value do not apply, unless they are expressly mentioned or applied de facto. Enasarco: A foreign contractor declares the Italian representative to Enasarco. Otherwise, this may result in commitments and/or claims from the representative. Following such registration, the investor must contribute to the social security fund, while he should not be required to contribute to the FIRR (Dismissal Compensation Fund). However, an investor who regularly contributes to the FIRR, even if it is not due, could be deemed to have tacitly accepted THE CBAs, as long as the agency agreement is applicable. The amount of compensation may not exceed an amount equal to the annual allowance calculated on the average annual salary of the representative/commercial recovered during his last five years of work, if the contract is less than five years, the amount must be calculated taking into account the period in question. Italian law: it regulates the agreement when elected by the parties, without prejudice to the public order rules (internationally binding) in the country where the representative is domiciled and complies with the Rome I regulation. However, even in the absence of such cumulative conditions, contractual CBAs may still apply if they are expressly mentioned in the agency agreement or if their provisions are consistently respected by the parties. La lingua di questo contratto l`italiano. Availability anche in inglese. The essential provisions of agency contracts in Italy, in particular with regard to relations between the main agents, are mainly found in the articles from 1742 to 1753 of the Civil Code. These provisions have been amended several times following the adoption of Directive 653/86/EC.

Chamber of Commerce: In principle, an intermediary established as a foreigner is not required to register in Italy. However, the problem could be more complex if the officer has a head office and operates primarily in Italy. Such circumstances may also undermine the provision of the special representation treaty. However, while registration and contribution to the pension fund are still mandatory, as required by law, contributions to the FIRR are only mandatory for agency agreements, which are governed by contractual agreements. CBAs: those who have the force of law („erga omnes”) regulate the agreement, while those that have a contractual nature probably do not apply automatically, because the foreign client would generally not be part of any of the Italian associations that have signed a CBA. However, they can be applied if they are mentioned in the agreement or applied de facto. Under International private sector rules in force in Italy (Article 1. 593/08 „Rome I”), an agreement is considered „international” in the presence of „conflict of law situations”. In accordance with Article 409 and bespoke, the Code of Civil Procedure provides that the agent fulfils his contractual obligations mainly as an individual: where the agency agreement is governed by Italian law and the Italian courts are competent, all disputes arising from the agency agreement are submitted to the labour court in the district where the agent resides (see Article 413 CPC) and the judicial procedure is governed by procedural rules similar to those applicable to labour disputes. Italian law: it regulates the agreement when it is elected by the parties or, even if there is no choice, as an effect of the resident or italian-based representative.

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