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Xfinity 2 Year Agreement

I received my Comcast bill yesterday and it was much higher than normal and I didn`t know why. I called customer service and found out that my 2-year contract had expired. Thank you for this refreshing and hopeful article. I wanted to offer knowledge and background as I worked for the local phone company (Verizon before it was sold to become Frontier) for 3 years. I`m very familiar with Comcast`s (and other) policies, the features of retention offers, and I wanted to get into the topic. Perfect guide and beautiful points discuss to save money. I also use xfinity internet and your points give me advantages. Thank you for sharing this policy. I just left the phone with Comcast. I said I would go to Dish because the price was too high. Thanks to you, I just saved $50 a month for next year for the same plan I currently have. Thank you! This year Comcast was impossible, our bill went from 145 to 179.00 for the preferred plan with phone and internet that I called 2 times and they claim that they can do nothing to reduce the price last year, we were told that we had an action rate that expired and I was told, that I should call back last February for a different promotional price, no luck they have the worst customer service I or please get an Amerean hear you.

I have Centur Link DS slow or Com SUCKS.. I am an atoning veteran fighting cancer. To my double [play and switch from DISH which I loved. Started six years ago at $88.00. I am now at *$188.00 and I have not made any changes. The ignorant immigrant who employs immigrant workers from clients is RUDE. I couldn`t understand them. I said to Niceley, „I can`t understand you, can you please put me in touch with an American-speaking supervisor.” She put me on top of 27 mints with her for another 29 minutes and no one ever picked me up. You Blow Comcast.I would have tried your cell phone service.

No thank you. You set the Gouge price to your loyal customers. Bad The advice worked for me. However, if the customer`s representative seems hostile, hang up. If the representative does not want to offer you a good price, hang up. It took three calls and I got the same promotional price for a whole year with Starzz included. We signed up with direc tv around Black Friday when they had a promotion in Costco, it was 54 per month for preferred and 3 months hbo and started with a Visa 300 gift card to Costco and $10 off for each person we recommend, so we referred my mother-in-law and stepfather and only paid 34 with a 2-year contract and had a free NFL season for the remainder of the following year. so no bad deal at all and had many channels. Well, that was 2 years ago and now the bill will go to 120. With Comcast, we have internet because where I live, direct-to-home TV only has cable and the internet is expensive and it`s not even that great, it always turns off and disconnects all the time. The first year it wasn`t so bad that I was on a promotion for 49.99 Blast Pro 250, but of course, because it`s Blast Pro 30 extra, so 79.99 per month was added. After the first year, more than $10 more was added, making it 89.99 plus taxes and now another $10.00 has been added, making it 101.00 per month.

That with the 120 it`s 221.00 for both, I decided to go to Comcast online and look at the offers as if I were a new customer to see what`s offered, because if you sign up and watch or call, they won`t give you the same offers as potential new customers trying to win customers. So I found a deal with over 220 channels, Starz for free, 150 internet, for 114.99 plus equipment costs of course, now make sure to add this yourself online before in stores because they may have a higher price than you because they did, but I showed them and they corrected their end and it happened to 165.00 per month.. .

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