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Wida Access Non Disclosure Agreement

ALUMNI must receive an access code from their District Assessment Coordinators to access the Moodle course. Some districts may not allow individual access. After the training, TAs must pass a 12-question quiz, earn at least 10 points, and register with the OSPI as a trained administrator. Links to these two tasks can be found on the Moodle linked above. There are documents on the Moodle that need to be printed to be used during the exercise. Additional Material Order Window: Two weeks before the start of the test up to one week before the end of the Moodle Link test: TA Training for WIDA Alternate ACCESS 2021 The WIDA consortium and the WIDA International School Consortium offer valuable secure resources that require an account. Watch our step-by-step video on our website to better understand each site. Test material arrives in the district: Two weeks before the test, select WIDA International Secure Portal from the drop-down menu. All test administrators for the WIDA Alternate ACCESS must complete training courses on an annual basis. The training is available on OSPI`s Moodle website approximately four weeks before the test window opens. Districts are encouraged to organize training opportunities to promote the practice of partners during training. The training includes a 45-minute video. Trainings should be scheduled for at least 2 hours to take into account the practice time during the video.

Pre-identification: December 2, 2020 (Please note that pre-identification for this test is performed in the Washington Assessment Management System, better known as WAMS). OSPI was launched in 2018 with WIDA Alternate ACCESS for ELL to assess the language skills of English (ED) learners with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Find information to help schools and districts manage the assessment, including key data, resources and training. The WIDA Non-Disclosure Agreement is required for all employees involved in the management or training of WIDA Alternate ACCESS tests. .

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