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What Were The Terms Of The Anglo Irish Agreement 1938

This agreement recognised that Northern Ireland`s relations with Great Britain could not be changed without the consent of a majority of its people and provided for the creation of a Council of Ireland composed of both members of the Dáil (the lower house of the Irish legislature) and the Northern Ireland Assembly. This agreement failed in May 1974 due to a general strike inspired by trade union opponents of power-sharing. The trade agreement was presented as beneficial to the newly constituted Irish state, as the land pension liability remaining under a 1925 agreement was £11.75 million (in annual repayments of £250,000 over sixty years). The seemingly cheap saving of £1,175,000 was made a lot on the Irish side, but more than the British would have gradually lost over the 47 years if the value had been discounted on the basis of the time value of money. It was convenient for both parties to settle the matter. Northern Nationalists were disappointed that the talks between Chamberlain and de Valera did not end the division. From the outset of these talks, which began in London on 17 January 1938, Chamberlain was prepared to hand over Irish ports and renounce Britain`s other rights under the 1921 treaty. He also hinted that Britain would give up its rights to national pensions, but he warned that without majority support in Northern Ireland, there could be no partition arrangement. After the Italians on the 3rd. After invading Ethiopia in October 1935, de Valera warned on Irish Radio (2RN) that Japan`s earlier violation of the Society`s pact had shaken the organization to its foundations and that if a new violation was tolerated, the League of Nations would disappear as a protection for individual members. .

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