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Technical Agreement In Italiano

technical regulations adopted or proposed in its territory by central or local governmental bodies, non-governmental bodies legally entitled to apply a technical regulation or by regional standardisation bodies in which those bodies belong or in which they participate; Members shall ensure that all technical provisions adopted are published without delay or made available in such a way that interested parties of other Members are aware of them. Except in the urgent cases referred to in paragraph 10, Members shall allow a reasonable distance between the publication of the technical regulations and their entry into force, in order to allow producers in exporting Member States, and in particular developing countries, time to adapt their products or production methods to the needs of the importing Member. Where appropriate, Members shall establish technical rules based on product performance requirements and not on design or description characteristics. Technical expert groups may consult and gather technical information and advice from any source they deem appropriate. Before such information or advice can be obtained from a source under the jurisdiction of a Member, a group of technical experts shall inform the Government therewith. Each Member shall respond immediately and fully to any request for information from a group of technical experts that the technical expert group deems necessary and appropriate. 12.8 It is recognized that members from developing countries may face particular problems, including institutional and infrastructural problems, when developing and applying technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. It is also recognised that the specific needs of developing Member States and their technological developments may impede their ability to fully fulfil their obligations under this Agreement. Members therefore take full account of this fact. In order to enable members of developing countries to comply with this Agreement, the Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade provided for in Article 13 (referred to as the „Committee” of this Agreement) may grant, upon request, certain temporary derogations from the obligations under this Agreement. In considering such applications, the Committee shall take into account the specific problems related to the preparation and application of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures, as well as the specific development and trade needs of the developing country, as well as its stage of technological development which may impede its ability to fully fulfil its obligations under this Agreement.

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