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Supplemental Agreement Announcement

MALAYSIAN AIRLINE SYSTEM BERHAD („MAS” OR „COMPANY”) (I) AMENDMENT TO THE COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN AIRASIA BERHAD („AIRASIA”) AND AIRASIA X SDN BHD („AAX”) („AAX”); (II) NEW STATEMENTS OF INTENT WITH AIRASIA AND AAX („MOU”); AND (III) TERMINATE THE WARRANTS EXCHANGE EXERCISE WITH AIRASIA („PROPOSED WARRANTS EXCHANGE”). 1. INTRODUCTION Reference is made the opinion of 9 August 2011 concerning agreement and announcements of 9 August 2011, 21bis In 2011, 4 November 2011 and 4 January 2012 with regard to the Exchange of proposed warrants (together „announcements”). Unless otherwise specified or is defined, all abbreviations used in this notice have the same meaning as those defined in the above announcements. The terms and conditions of the endorsement and the DU are indicated below. 1.2 Proposed Exchange of Warrants In addition, the Company had received a letter dated 30 April 2012 from Khazanah and Tune Air, maj or share shareholders of MAS and AirAsia, in which they stated that they had agreed to terminate the exchange of previous shares („terminate the exchange of shares”). According to cessation of the share exchange, Khazanah will acquire 685,142,000 or ordinary shares of RM1.00 held by Tune Air, or 20.50% or an ordinary stake in MAS. Similarly, Tune Air acquired 277,650,600 shares or ordinary shares at RM0.10 in AirAsia held by Khazanah, for a stake of approximately 9.99% in AirAsia. .

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