Dziś jest poniedziałek, 18th październik 2021

Exclusive Distributor Agreement Draft

Therefore, taking into account the mutual agreements and commitments set out therein, the following agreements are agreed: A. The manufacturer will make every attempt to immediately fulfill orders from the distributor after acceptance, but reserves the right to allocate available stocks to distributors and end customers at its discretion. 2. The manufacturer shall think long and hard about the ability to achieve the same or almost the same result with a non-exclusive agreement. Non-exclusive agreements have less influence on the manufacturer in situations where the distributor provides poor performance. That is why these agreements are now more often than exclusive agreements. If the manufacturer opts for an exclusive agreement, he must be particularly careful when it comes to studying the financial and marketing capacity and commitment of the distributor. Simply put, the backdoor or exit position is much weaker, and distributors who seek exclusive deals and don`t easily pull demand are usually willing to fight hard to maintain their exclusive deals, no matter how bad they perform…

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