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Currency Conversion Agreement

In credit agreements with an exchange clause, the obligation for the debtor is increased when the value of the foreign currency of the credit currency in relation to the national currency increases and vice versa, when the value of the foreign currency of the credit denomination decreases in relation to the value of the national currency, the debtor`s obligation decreases. The total amount of the contract corresponds to 50,000 BILLION DOLLARS (000,000,000,000 USD) with renewals and rollovers by mutual agreement. All changes must be agreed in writing and must be submitted to banks and intermediary payers at least five (5) days of banking work prior to the proposed exchange date. 11. FORCE MAJEURE: The „Force Majeure” notwithstanding clause of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Publication No. 421) is included and an integral part of this Agreement. A party cannot be held in default if the cause is due to a case of force majeure. The case can be if it is executed by both parties. Amazon`s currency conversion isn`t great. They take about 5%. Get a WorldFirst account, they only take 2% (negotiable). IMPORTANT: particular attention should be paid to the fact that an exchange clause in credit agreements can lead to a significant change in the amount of your liabilities due and that this fact is taken into account when deciding on the amount of a loan with a monetary clause, given that a slight a posteriori increase in your commitment, As a result of a rise in the foreign currency exchange rate, may affect your ability to meet your obligations at maturity.

Counter-agreements are usually costly and can also be ineffective. Negotiating the contract can take a long time and the goods involved can be difficult to sell, except with a considerable discount. A company normally enters into these agreements with a foreign partner in order to reach an agreement that might otherwise not be concluded. CONSIDERING that, taking into account mutual promises and commitments, guarantees, conditions and other counterparties, good and valuable, the receipt and adequacy of which are confirmed, the signatory parties accept and declare that they wish to conclude this agreement for the exchange of US dollars (USD) for euro (EUR) under the following conditions: This foreign exchange transaction is a bank-to-bank foreign exchange operation the action that is executed by way of transfer SWIFT, based on the agreement of the banks, in accordance with the following conditions and the agreed bank-to-bank procedure. We have to be careful when negotiating with a foreign country, because a common tactic is to point out that the negotiated deal is contrary to cash, but in the final stages of the negotiations, they advise to strike a trade counter-deal to seal the deal. . . .

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