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Billing Agency Agreement

Reporting requirementsA billing service understands the requirements and frequency of reporting. I do not include it, because I think the provider should be entitled to reports on request to see how their practice is working. Most suppliers also have access to the convenient management system and generate their own reports. ADDENDUM TO THE SERVICE AGREEMENT FULL REFUND MANAGEMENT This Supplemental Service Agreement amends the terms of the Service Agreement between Acme Medical Billing LLC („Acme”) and Dr. John Doe (hereinafter referred to as „Customer”). If you have any legal requirements outside of the billing service agreement, please see our full list of customizable service agreements. Other names for this document: Billing Service Agreement Even if you are an experienced professional for medical regulations, you should have a good contract that protects your business interests in the event of a dispute. Feel free to use as a starting point and delete what you don`t need. Remember that this is just one example that can be adapted. I used ACME as the generic name for the billing service. As with all business contracts, it`s a good idea to have them checked by a lawyer before signing with a client.

Do you want to spend less time on invoicing? Billing Service Contracts are written agreements between you and your billing entity that ensure that the terms of the employment relationship are understood by all. Create a free billing contract in minutes with our simple Q&A process. We will lead you step by step. Customer pays Acme _____ % of the total (gross) amount received by ALL insurance companies and ALL patients as a result of billing services provided by Acme to Customer, with a minimum monthly amount of $500 USD. The customer agrees to provide Acme with copies of all EOB forms received by insurers (Explanation of Benefits) as well as statements of payments received directly by patients (weekly). ACME will deposit payments received by insurers in the patient`s file, submit all secondary or tertiary claims and, if necessary, bill the patient directly in order to ensure full payment for the client….

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