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Agreements Of Wto

(46) In short, the broader and more inclusive approach of the WTO and the SPS Agreement has replaced the two plurilateral agreements. Under WTO agreements, countries are not normally allowed to discriminate against their trading partners. Give someone a special favor (for example. B a lower duty for one of its products) and you must do the same for all other WTO members. The impact of the SPS agreement on US agricultural imports is less damaging than in other countries. In fact, there has been no major increase in US agricultural imports due to the conclusion of the SPS agreement. (38) As the UNITED States has signed the Codex Alimentarius Commission`s food safety standards (39), it is unlikely that other WTO Members will require that the US national standards be in line with international standards. In addition, the United States has actively participated in all Codex Alimentarius committees, under the auspices of the World Health Organization. (40) However, it is not surprising that environmentalists and consumers in countries where standards are `high` are generally afraid of international attempts that could lead to a lowering of their standards. (41) Indeed, NGOs based in the USA have recently submitted their comments on the SPS Agreement.

They recommended that the international standards referred to in the agreement constitute „soils, not ceilings”, that the WTO allow public participation in SPS consultations, and that the role of the Codex Alimentarius and other standards be reviewed. (42) Although these groups are not necessarily opposed to the SPS Agreement, it is essential for the US administration to obtain certain activist voices in order to strengthen its position on trade liberalisation. It can do this by communicating that the United States of scientifically based safety standards provide sufficient consumer protection. . . .

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