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Wto Agreement On Domestic Support

The AOA classifies national grants in different ways; Under different boxes by assigning certain colors – Green Box, Blue Box and AMS (Amber Box). This color classification is based on its impact on trade. The color of the boxes is like for traffic lights: green (authorized), amber (slows down to be reduced) and a red box (forbidden); symbolically indicates whether they should be pursued or not. The AoA signed in Uruguay does not have a red box. The latest notification by the United States regarding domestic wto support spending (October 31, 2018) is scheduled for harvest year 2016. To date, the United States has never exceeded its spending limit of $19.1 billion. However, this was achieved in a few years (1999, 2000 and 2001) thanks to the prudent application of the de minimis exclusion described below. 28 members (the EC being one of them) had not exempted national aid during the reference period, and therefore the reduction commitments set out in their timetables. Reduction commitments are expressed in the form of an overall global support assessment (Total AMS) including all product-specific media and not product-specific support in a single digit.

Members with a TOTAL SYSTEM must reduce the basic time allocation by 20% (members of industrialized countries) over a 6-year period or by 13% over a 10-year period (members of developing countries). In each year of implementation, the current total value of non-AMA-exempt measures must not exceed the overall amS limit, as outlined in this year`s schedule. In other words, the maximum levels of this support are linked to the WTO. The AoA sets country-specific spending limits for the most market-distorting policies. It also sets out very general rules for trade between Member States. In general, domestic policies or programmes that find that they violate WTO rules may be challenged by another WTO member in the WTO dispute settlement process. If a WTO challenge is successful, the WTO solution would likely involve the elimination, modification or modification of the wto programme by Congress to bring it into compliance.

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