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Osa Open Access Publishing Agreement

If an author chooses to publish an article without open access published as part of the OSA Copyright Transfer Agreement on his own website, in a closed institutional repository or on the arXiv website, the following message must be displayed in an important location near the article and must contain a functional hyperlink to the online abstract in the OSA journal Note that due to its denser writing, a JLT page averages about 1.6 pages in other open access magazines such as the IEEE Photonics Journal or OSAs Optics Express JLT offers authors two publishing options according to the hybrid open access publishing model: works approved exclusively by U.S. government and Australian crown employees. , Canadian, New Zealand and British, may not be subject to copyright. However, access to these articles, published in OSA subscription journals, is only by subscription and is subject to the terms of use of our online journals and the OSA subscription contract. OSA`s open access magazines are available free of charge and widely through OSA`s Digital Library. Instead of paid subscriptions, authors or their institutions pay a fee for processing articles (article processing fees, APC) after their paper has been adopted for publication. Read more OSA Publishing also supports publication with green open-access. Authors who publish in one of our subscription magazines can provide their accepted manuscript after a 12-month embargo period. Unless expressly authorized for use under another license, the OSA Copyright Transfer Agreement also applies to the accepted PDF format.

For items made available to the public via CHORUS, the PDF „Accepted Manuscript” will be made available to the public after the embargo period set by each agency for non-subscribers. „Copyright Transfer and Open Access Publishing Agreement” (OAPA) is the default option for most authors who publish in one of our Open Access magazines or opt for open access in our hybrid magazines. All articles published as part of our OAPA are freely accessible, while copyrights are transferred to OSA. Authors may publish the published version of their article on their personal website, institutional repository or repository required by their funding agency. Authors and readers can use, reuse and use the article or use it for text or data extraction, as long as the purpose is not commercial and an appropriate assignment is maintained. OSA Publishing launched its first open access magazine, Optics Express, in 1997. More than twenty years later, our program offers a series of gold and green open-access options, as well as several copyright and licensing options. Traditional subscription publication: here, authors pay a voluntary page fee of $110.00 per page up to 7 pages.

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