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Laundry Service Agreement Sample

In case of unreported deviations or defects, i.e. damage to clothing, the laundry performs the order only after clarification. Please do not leave the laundry outside your room/apartment. Our room guards are at your disposal. Laundry cleans items that have not been properly cleaned at its sole discretion and have not been supported since cleaning at no additional cost. The laundry and its subcontractors are not responsible for the loss or deterioration of personal or unse cleaned items left in clothing or laundry bags such as money, jewellery or other items. The customer undertakes not to leave such items in his clothes or in his clothes. Zippers are unpredictable when cleaning. Although zippers are generally not a problem, the customer is informed that there is a possibility of zipper problems while following the normal wash, and the linen takes no responsibility for these issues. Laundry takes privacy and personal information seriously. Clothesline Laundry uses customer information to provide services, process payments, facilitate billing and for any other reasonably necessary purpose to provide services under this agreement.

In addition, personal data may be disclosed if required by law to enforce this agreement or that are necessary to protect the rights, interests, ownership of the safety of linen, washing machines or other partners. From time to time, we may also send reseller service announcements, newsletters and regular communications on specialties and new products. In case of loss, damage to the garment in the linen, the mix is responsible for a sum that does not exceed 10 times the cleaning tax of the garment. Please fill out the laundry bulletin and give it to our cleaners. Management is not responsible for laundry left with an unauthorized person. Clothesline suppliers/partners are independent contractors of Clothesline Laundry. Laundry suppliers/partners are responsible for defining routines related to your service needs, such as withdrawal/drop-off schedules, specific washing instructions and personal preferences. Laundry suppliers/partners have independent control over the means and methods of service delivery as well as the products used in your laundry.

However, each laundry supplier/partner is adhered to the high standards of customer service and quality set by Clothesline Laundry. If you already have praise, problems or concerns with your service, please do not hesitate to your supplier/partner directly or laundry, . Laundry and your supplier/partner appreciate your business and provide you with excellent service. All services are provided by a laundry supplier/partner assigned to you. Pick-up/delivery is done on a predetermined day and at a certain frequency, with the exception of certain holidays, as you have specified. Laundry or you can change the pre-defined pickup times permanently or temporarily, with notice by you or laundry. Laundry requires at least 1 hour before each change. Individual customers: The service only begins when the laundry has secured payment via a valid – current credit card.

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