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Cabinet Agreement And Transaction

1) exchanges between residents and non-residents, in which commercial loans are granted, direct investments, extended bank loans or loans or cash assets and placed in accounts or deposits for fiduciary management; Residents are permitted to conduct foreign exchange transactions in this section with funds deposited in these accounts (deposits) pursuant to the provisions of Section 29, Parts 3 and 4 of this Act. 6. Cash assets deposited in residents` accounts (deposits) with foreign credit institutions, pursuant to parts 3 and 4 of this article, must be returned to Turkmenistan for the purpose of carrying out foreign exchange transactions covered by Section 28, Part 3 of this Act and/or after clearing the costs of transactions with non-residents. [sic] 2) keep records and reports on foreign exchange transactions that they conduct according to defined procedures; 2) recording foreign exchange transactions and accounts (deposits); 2) The amounts in foreign currency that will be received by licensed credit institutions from banking and other transactions in accordance with Turkmenistan`s laws; 2) to receive and transfer dividends, commission income and other income collected from accounts (investments), deposits, loans, bank loans, securities and other foreign exchange transactions related to capital movements with residents; 3) transactions involving the acquisition, sale and/or repayment of securities, as well as the payment of commissions on securities issued by foreign-currencies and non-residents, provided that ownership of these securities is recorded in custodians established in accordance with Turkmenistan law and that settlements are made in national currency; 13. The conditions for reciprocal settlement in the execution of export and import operations are set by an exchange agreement between residents and non-residents in accordance with Turkmenistan laws, trade habits and international law. Article 20. Exchange operations of residents and non-residents 4. Foreign exchange transactions between residents and non-residents for which the amount of the exchange contract does not exceed the limit of freely available currencies, except in the cases indicated in parts 1 to 3 of this article, foreign exchange transactions are carried out without restriction. 5. Resident corporations and resident holders, without legal personalities, have the right to conduct unrestricted foreign exchange transactions using funds deposited in accounts with foreign credit institutions under this Act, unless this Act authorizes the transfer of goods or services within Turkmenistan. There are various tourist accommodation establishments licensed under securities law.

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